How to make a windows xp home edition sp3 retail disk acitivated


Install and no product key no activation…How to make it?


i only have windows xp professional keys.


I dont needthem


i can search for windows xp home keys tho


No i need to Install and no product key no activation


speak english, i barely can understand you, you are trying to say you are trying to install xp but doesnt have a product key?


no i want to make a xp home sp3 retail dvd activated


So you installed without a key and you want to activate?

then i dont know, try that italian phone number


do everything exactly like him, and dont forget, call the italian toll free number.


nooooooooooo.Im saying that how to make windows xp home sp3 installiation dvd preactivated so that in the future i could install it without a product key and no activation (activated dvd)


i dont know that then.

google is your friend


you understanded this time?


yes i did


Well, if you want to put your own product key on the XP dvd (or cd) you just need to use nLite and a Windows XP Home Edition with SP3 ISO file, rip it from the cd or something, then on the unattended options you can put the product key, drivers and updates if you want to


I want to make it activated dvd


waitwaitwait, do you have a product key or you want to put an activator on the DVD?


i dont have a product key


You need a product key (even a default one) to pass the install, do you already have it installed?




i need home edition