How to host free on Gogiehost?


Please? rant rant war



you dont


What’s a Gogiehost lmao? :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like he(?) means this

It appears you actually can.


TBH, the site kind of looks sketchy.

Not only are there grammar errors littered throughout the site, and this copyright notice:


But there seems to be some negative feedback regarding their services, mostly about terrible customer support along with randomly parking domains and deleting hacked accounts sending out spam without even contacting the owner. There are some good reviews, but most of them have either all 5 stars or a mix of 5 and 4, which contain some amount of Engrish, so they may be faked by the company in question. Also, it seems that the owner is “Rajesh Chauhan” from India, so that may be considered being looked into.

And I also found one of the guy’s responses to feedback criticizing them for deleting a hacked account of theirs:

How do you misspell your own company’s name and confuse it for a popular search engine? :stuck_out_tongue:


So give me a better free web hosting




oh hell no!