How to have MSN Messenger modified with Escargot logos

If anyone wants to have MSN Messenger but with Escargot logos, keep reading.

This will change the MSN Messenger icon and replace it with this logo:

Download it here: Download the msnmsgr.exe modified

This will download a msnmsgr.exe file modified with Resource Hacker and with the Escargot logo, go to Program Files and MSN Messenger and replace the original msnmsgr.exe file with the modified one and, that’s it!

If anyone wants to talk with me, contact me via MSN Messenger:


how did you get an MessengerGeek Blog download link?

Is a download link posted by JK

ah, ok, thats what i thought it was.

I finded it but i discovered that is not published in MessengerGeek forum, because that reason i post it :wink:

it was: Help for Escargot Messenger

But the post is called “Help for Escargot Messenger” not called “How to have MSN Messenger modified with Escargot logos” Obviously an normal user will don’t know that in that post is the tutorial of how to modify and put logos in MSN Messenger :laughing:

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Is it compatible with other languages by the way?

I don’t know, try it :smile:, because i only tried it in english version

Should work with all languages :slight_smile:


Just tested it in Polish version. Works flawlessly.

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i decided to do this but i replaced the MSN logo that appears in the chat windows to say escargot too

No tendras para el WLM 8.5?

Nope, but you can do it by yourself with Resource Hacker :wink:

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wow, how do they manage to modify an executable without having the source code?


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Interesting, I’m going to try it, thanks :+1::+1:

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I made it from FireFox :messenger::messenger::messenger::messenger::messenger::messenger::messenger:

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