How to get MSN 1 to work with Escargot


(Sorry if I post in wrong topic, I’m new here)

Anyways, MSN 1 works with Escargot MSN, but gives a problem when logging in

To get this to work, first, download MSN Messenger 2.2, then log in


Example when logging in MSN 2.2:

Log on MSN 2.2, then close MSN 2, right click the MSN 2 icon on taskbar, and then close it

Then open MSN 1 and then it logs you on

My contacts are censored because idk

If your wondering what OS is this, its Windows 7

Also my sign in name is censored because I dont want anyone getting in my account xd


*If your wondering what OS is this, its Windows 7 with Plus 98 theme


My screen is 1440x900 sorry if its too big


Did you use the pre-patched version or did you patch it yourself?


I used unpatched version


Try to use the pre-patched version.


What’s the part after the @ in your email address? I think this old version of Messenger does only work with addresses.


As I saw from a screenshot, it appears to be a Gmail address as seen in the “Provided by” field.


only can work with MSN 1.0 people


I don’t know for myself, but addresses might work.

(From what i remember, the addresses are usually given to people who sign up for MSN Internet Access (and don’t already have an MSN account), you know, the thing advertised on the desktops of every fresh installation of Windows 9x.

I did have such an address back in the day because I signed up through the version of MSN Explorer included in Windows XP RTM/SP1, which did not require a MSN Internet Access subscription to use it)