How to add tabs in windows live messenger 8.5?

Hi there! Im trying to add tabs to my wlm. If you know how to add tabs, please let me know… Thanks! :grinning:

You could just change the configuration server to something else and give the required XML response. That way you can control what tabs the client gets by changing the MsgrConfig response.

Nothing else would actually be affected, as the config server redirection only targets (muser.)

For WLM/Client Version 8.0 (or higher), the MsgrConfig request is a GET request to /Config/MsgrConfig.asmx.

For MSN Messenger 6.0 to 7.5, it’s a SOAP (bleh!) request to the same endpoint, which means you have to put the MsgrConfig data in the SOAP envelope in the body data.

Otherwise, I don’t know.

What do you mean with tabs exactly? Like, tabs on the chat windows?

no like… links. like facebook, msn weather, and you know… that stuff

Oh, on 8.5 and below you can’t edit them as far as I know, only on 2009

You can! If only you had access to the configuration server

Oh great! :smiley:But how do i get access?

You can’t.

But then how did the people in 2009 added tabs to wlm so easily?

How do i edit them?