How open Microsoft's Desktop Gallery on Active Desktop

i want open that


i’m sorry by image bad quality :stuck_out_tongue:

C:\Documents and Settings\IMGS\Meus documentos\My (unreadable)\Meu bebe Lucas.htm

Mes beta = Beta month
Meus documentos = My Documents
meu bebe Lucas = My Baby Lucas

i don’t think this is a Active Desktop app really

wait hang on got it wrong on the last part fixed it now

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but this is what?

considering the theme, MSN Photo Sharing (Web), just saved to disk

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where i found this?

i don’t think it would be up still, it has the classic messenger buddies and looks early 2000’s, and since this is photo sharing, archives (if any) will be extremely rare, and possibly non existant due to it’s meant to be sharing and not a imageblog.

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