How old are you

making this for safe measure

  • Under 13 (Why)
  • 13-18
  • 19-25
  • 25-30
  • Over 30

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Do not lie about your age on this poll

gl making kids not lie

i know its fucking impossible but its worth a shot

>no votes on under 13

>3 votes on "19-25" and another 3 on "25-30"

what the fuck

It’s past the kids’ bedtime
Edit: sorry this sounds really mean spirited, I didn’t mean it to be rude :pensive:


@anon94 that is the percentage figures.

In reality its only 1 in 19-25 and 1 in 25-30

I am the second youngest here, 11. Pedrox (from my knowledge at least) is the youngest however, I believe he’s 10.

WLMKid is the youngest member here, he was 7 back when he was talking here, in 2019

I have quite a feeling that whoever made that “Bonbons mcdo/McDonalds Candies” thread was the youngest, however, it was made by someone’s little brother that has autism. So i’m not sure.

i guess im the 4th youngest at 12

j’ai 15 ans en mai
si vous souhaitez me parler:

I just turned 19.

that’s pretty cool!

Turning 22 next month!

22 but 27 april my birdhay 23 y