How mush ram does this have?

You’ve sent me those photos before in a PM, and I can pretty much tell you that without the sticker that tells you how much memory the RAM stick can hold, which should usually be on it, then you won’t know for sure how much it will hold unless you actually boot up the computer the RAM’s in and read the OS’ system properties to see.

That’s a sticker, yes. But I specifically mean the ones that give you details on how much the RAM stick holds. :stuck_out_tongue:

another sticker

Not that much of an expert to understand the meaning of that sticker, but maybe the 1-12 table tells us how much it holds. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe this is a 16MB SDRAM from Hitachi, you can even see the logo on each 2MB chip.

The hb526c264en-10in is what confirms everything though. On that other sticker, the 98 is the year and the 4th means it was made in April.


Ah, I see. :stuck_out_tongue:

(LOL I’m this tech-illiterate that I blissfully ignore searching the model :stuck_out_tongue:)

so it’s the type of thing that would be in a windows 95 machine?

even though it’s from 1998?

taking notes

Thank you!