How many projects @Deathlife23 has already made?


I don’t remember the number, so anyone can say me the number? (’,.’,)


How many unfinished/unsuccessful projects Deathlife23 has already made? *


How many websites has Deathlife23 made already? MSNEMOTICONS, WLMEMOTICONS, HOTMAILDEAD, etc.


Or well, made with the help of @yellows111 aka @ice


i’d say over 9000.


Probably a lot of arguing over concepts in the process. :wink:


that only started with the “disrespectance” period


lel :stuck_out_tongue:


github in a nutshell


also, to make matters worse, he had things in the “pre-yellows111” era that he had, i can’t tell you these things though.


Are you talking about that “adding people to random group chats and bugging them out” stuff?


not sure if he did that, that might be a side effect from a MessengerGeek incursion.


one of his first comments at one of my posts


Should give you some context. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Deathlife’s first reply to you is just really immature. :expressionless:


That post came after one of the “incursions” i mentioned above.


Yeah, I remember when people started complaining about a bunch of immature people adding them to random group chats left and right. Was a really concerning time. :confounded:


I can’t believe this guy is still around and is able to offend people. Like I said in my original post, we need guidelines that can be enforced onto the forum to stop people like @deathlife23 from infesting it.




yeah, they moved to another OS, last one apparently got unstable.