How long is this supposed to take

it’s been there for more than three hours welp

I installed Windows 98 Yesterday and formatting Drive C took about 10 minutes for me

Is this in a VM? if so what type of virtual drive format are you using? Like BucketOfChicken said it shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes if you’re using a dynamic virtual drive.

It’s on VMWare Workstation Pro 14 on vmdk(?) and it’s on 19% now, but it’s a damn 40GB “drive”

That’s dynamically allocated? I do know that it only takes around 1 hour to do it on a 80gb physical hard drive so that’s pretty bad for it to take that long.

It’s preallocated, and i don’t have a cardboard pc either

well that’s why then. I never use preallocated unless I have to.

strange that formatting in XP is faster than 98 on the same machine

Formatting has already done. :wink: