How long is this supposed to take


it’s been there for more than three hours welp


I installed Windows 98 Yesterday and formatting Drive C took about 10 minutes for me


Is this in a VM? if so what type of virtual drive format are you using? Like BucketOfChicken said it shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes if you’re using a dynamic virtual drive.


It’s on VMWare Workstation Pro 14 on vmdk(?) and it’s on 19% now, but it’s a damn 40GB “drive”


That’s dynamically allocated? I do know that it only takes around 1 hour to do it on a 80gb physical hard drive so that’s pretty bad for it to take that long.


It’s preallocated, and i don’t have a cardboard pc either


well that’s why then. I never use preallocated unless I have to.


it depends on how fast the Hard Drive is and whether the other components are too. if this is being installed in VM then there really is not much more that can be done about how long it installs.


strange that formatting in XP is faster than 98 on the same machine


Formatting has already done. :wink: