How is the progress of WLM 2009 support for Escargot at this moment?


So, @OhHelloThereImTheGuy please post a reply in this thread with a resume of the progress of WLM 2009 actually, so a part of the users that doesn’t know the progress and keeps asking can understand it :wink:


Adreso2145 Porque dejaste de conectarte al Wlm?


everything works except for circles


If it’s that close to being finished then I think it should just be implemented now


It’s close to being finished, but not fully finished. That’s why they didn’t release it yet.
If you’re drawing a dog, for example, and you’ve drawn all its body and legs and stuff, but not its head, you wouldn’t call it a finished drawing of a dog.


Where did I say that it should be considered finished? I mean it should be implemented, WITH a disclaimer stating that it isn’t fully finished yet and that some features might be buggy or not implemented


Right here, mate:

Also, the features that are still being developed, are main features. It’s not like we’re going to wait a year just for uglier different emoticons or slightly different interface with the same messaging mechanics.
Let’s take the circles/permanent group chats feature. It’s something that a lot of people want and/or need, so that’s something that should be worth it spending time on.

On the other hand, we have the MSN Welcome window that displays a message/website that tells you what you can do in messenger. That isn’t so important, so that could be omitted and left incomplete, as it’s not a wanted/needed feature.


Look closer next time!


That isn’t helping. We want the WLM 2009 release to be as feature-rich and complete as possible, and we’re not going to cut that release date short just for a few impatient sillies.



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