How exciting was the 8.5 launch?

Anyone? I wasn’t there to experience it first-hand

Damn, that was a long time ago (around late-2017?). I barely even remember what happened.

If you’re talking about officially back when Microsoft still maintained the service, then I don’t have any idea exactly how it went. If you’re talking about Escargot however, then I do remember a good amount of people getting excited that it worked in the first place (at the time it was discovered to work it wasn’t offered for download officially and the version tested was a beta). This thread, ignoring all posts past 2017, should give you a good idea of how things went down at the time:

TBH, I kinda miss those times when things on here were more innocent and people could get along and discuss the main topic this forum used to advertise in the first place: IMing. Sadly the forum has become a… I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s just a jumble of random topics, MSN (and Escargot) misinformation, and toxic nonsense. Luckily Escargot’s Discord server somewhat brings back that novelty of just being able to chatter about IM or whatever else without all the flaming, but it personally doesn’t feel the same as MessengerGeek from mid-late 2017 and beforehand.


Sadly where i live MSN was “dead” already when 8.5 came out. In 2007 everyone got a smartphone and changed to facebook

msn hit peak popularity in around 2004 - 2009

Damn, I’ve just remembered Tux by looking at that. Wasn’t he a regular back in around early-2019?