How do you add custom tabs?

yeah, i mean like i could add my blog and that would only appear for me. so how can i add custom tabs?

there isn’t an option to add or remove tabs but there certainly is this instruction trekie posted.

no i dont want to fix it i want to add a tab

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Well sorry there is no add and remove for MSN messenger tabs.

No, there is no way. The config file is not saved on the disk. There was a tool (Messenger:Mate Pro) in the past that changed the tabs directly in memory. Another one used a private server (TabServ) but is now dead.

So, for now, there is no way.

Is there anyway that we could host the tabs ourselves?

The old TabServ system was probably patching the MsnMsgr.exe file to replace the address of the configfile with another address with an ID in it. Because Messenger requests the config file anonymously (no info on the user is sent to the server) so it’s not possible to customize it for one user.

Someone can easily recreate such a system. You just need a website where people can create an account and manage a list of tabs.

You then create a small patcher which replace “” with your ConfigFile generator address ( This generator can download the real config file from escargot and add the tabs in it before returning it.

For the actual tabs, you can create your own… it’s just a webpage. Nowadays, you can use BootStrap to have a responsive page (a page which works fine on small screen like the Messenger window or big screen like a browser). Most sites are already responsive nowadays, anyway.