How do I send messages to a friend

I love this forum. But i dont have option to send messages to a friend. Have you others the option?..

you just need to click in the user photo and click in message


Okay thanks

please make the title related to the content of the thread

There, corrected it.

You don’t click on YOUR profile pic. You need to click in the profile pic of the user that you want to send the message to and select the option.

I understand but i want machintosh to try to send me a private message later when he is on this forum. I would also like to ask him something about technology.

I think I get the problem. You must have at least the Basic badge to do private messaging.

What is the basic badge and how do i get it? :blush:

See, the MessengerGeek forum has badges that you can obtain for doing certain things on the forum. But the most important ones are the ones that determine your trust level. So, if you reach trust level 1, you will recieve the Basic badge, which is what you need to do most essential things here, like Private messaging. You can investigate on that by yourself.
How do you obtain trust level badges? Well, it is simple. Just be active. That is, do posts, give hearts, that type of stuff. You’ll obtain it in no time if you do that.