How do i patch msn messenger on windows 95 (not a VM)?

i followed the guide but there is no server folder in regedit and there is no value with the address in it, any help?

SetEscargotServer.reg try using this

Also version 5 and above does not work although it can install

5 and up use https to log in, and versions of windows under xp dont like it

That’s more of a server-side quirk with what we’re using for the web stuff more than anything. Note 5.0 - 7.0 had 9x releases back then so the problems they have now aren’t inherent to Windows. :stuck_out_tongue:

After getting remote server access I quickly found out valtron was sharing the web server Escargot uses for some of his personal projects, so changing the server software at this point is out of the question. Maybe when we start plans on distributing servers we can possibly transition to something more flexible (personal preference is Apache) but I’d still have to get valtron’s permission for that (or be enough of a convincer to get him interested).

thanks for all the info but i will like to know how to patch my msn 1.0 on win95, the reg file gives error

Yeah, the .reg file was written to only work with version 5 of the file format. I’ll just paste the code for a more classic-friendly version of the file that you can save to your own .reg file:



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thanks for the quick reply, i ran it on my 95 pc, but it still says it can’t reach the service, the messenger is 3.6

i will try the 1.0 on the w95 one but the 1.0 works fine on my main one except that i dont see any contacts even though i have some

lol im dumb, i have no contacts because its my hotmail account