How do I patch msn messenger 5.0?

How do I patch MSN messenger 5.0

Also please don’t say download the prepatched version

try using notepad++

It keeps saying my password is incorrect but I know its not since I use the same password on 7.5 and it works

Also I am now using a prepatched version


Open a standard MSN 5 EXE with a hex editor called HxD
Once you have gone through setup of the program, you should see this.

Go to the folder icon against the sheet of paper and click it.
You should see a file dialog window pop up.
Go to where your Messenger 5 installation is.
(Typically it will be C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\msmsgr.exe)
Or if you’ve got a 64 bit computer, C:\Program Files (x86)\MSN Messenger\msmsgr.exe
Now that you have opened it, you should be seeing hex on the left side, and the translation of the hex on the right. Go top the top bar and find “Search.” Click on “Find.” Search for the stuff the Escargot page tells you and replace them. Hope this helped! :cat2:

i did that before but i was having problems like msn wouldnt open and Hex wouldnt save and it would crash :confused:

Maybe I can send you a version that I have patched myself :cat2:

Can you send me your MSN 5 EXE so I can patch it? :cat2: