How cost can i donate in Escargot?

How many costs can I donate to Escargot?
(Note: also this is not a problem how to fix it. It’s actually Probably a question about escargot donation.)

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I already found this link. just a question. how many costs can I donate in escargot in Paypal?

As much or as little as you want

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here’s the escargot donations I made it.

looks like subscribe plan or sponsoring feature like on youtube

That’s not only weird but also doesn’t really fit in with our current structure because we don’t charge for anything related to what you put. I mean, more emojis, no error codes, transfer fixed? What? Sounds like a confused version of Discord nitro.

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As much as you want

its not sounds like a confused version of discord nitro. that’s just Donation escargot.

Escargot doesn’t have perks and doesn’t need perks on Windows Live Messenger.
The only perks are the Patreon perks.

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I know that escargot creates a PayPal account and Patreons account, they have a Paypal account that can be located in the link: PayPal.Me

No, I’m saying that WLM will never, and seriously never ever have Discord Nitro like perks.
And also again, the only perks are the NINA Patreon perks.

what do you mean?

Escargot DOES NOT have awards for donating besides the ones listed on the Patreon page.