How come uploaded images in posts are not being shrunk down to thumbnails?


See title. How come when I upload a giant image (like a desktop screenshot) to a post, it doesn’t get shrunk down to an expandable thumbnail like it does on other Discourse forums?? I have to right click > view image to view the images in full and it’s… quite annoying, to say the least.


can’t you use the height and length params or not?

Open Full Image

click the link to open full sized
also, thumbnail is the full pixels divided by 10.


Yeah, but Discourse should do it automatically. See the fourth post in this topic here for an example (click on the image to expand):

Also, the ‘Open Full Image’ link you provided opens in the same tab, taking me out from the forum without even realizing it at first. -_-


Good catch @Spriteclad, I believe this is my fault.

I can’t remember specifically why now, but long ago I adjusted the maximum size before it made a thumbnail and this is why it didn’t appear to be doing it. I’ve reset the values back to default.


Let me test it real fast:

Okay, it works! The only thing is that the option to expand the image doesn’t show up in old threads. There probably isn’t a way to fix that, but if you can that would be great. Thanks so much for fixing!


I think it is fixable, but will require “rebaking” all the posts. I’m hoping to do maintenance next week so I’ll add that to the list.


That’s perfect, because Discourse 1.9 is being released tomorrow!! :smiley: