How can i use dialup internet with a free phone app

i was wondering if i could just hook my phone up to my pc and if there is any software modem that can use a audio input and output

theres WO Mic for microphone, for output idk

It’s a really interesting question. By phone, I assume we’re talking cellular?

Back in the dark ages, I had this idea that I’d get an unlimited minutes plan, call from the cell phone to my dialup modem at home, which was connected to a PC with a cable modem, and share the cable modem connection to dialup, and then get unlimited data cheaply. (slow, but GPRS was only slightly faster than 56k modems and far more expensive.)

My big plan would’ve worked except that just weeks before, my provider had turned off circuit-switched Data (CSD), which allowed for this to happen. Here’s the wiki link for more cool info:

Without CSD, any modem you would connect through the cellular network will go through a codec, which will eliminate and distort the sounds for the modem to connect and work. That also applies for VoLTE, VoIP, etc.

Well, the phone app i uses is an MVNO of Sprint so im not sure if they still have that or if their network or my WiFi connection is good enough to get good quality. Yes, i do have wifi but i want to use dialup on one of my machines

I found this thread that might be worth looking at:

I realize this is T-Mobile, but if you read down through the thread, someone got it working there (despite officially not being available to non-government customers) by using an older phone and then sharing the connection over bluetooth.

Hmm, i might try looking for a software modem that can output and input via a audio cable and try dialing into a ISP, if anyone knows of anyone, please reply, Also thats a interesting thread
Also now that T-Mobile is part of sprint, i wonder if textnow would work.
“TextNow wireless network services are provided on the Nationwide Sprint® Network.*”
Not sure if this is only for the free cellular service, or if it applies to the free app too.