How can i make this ?!



already started :stuck_out_tongue:

People have told you how little fucking effort ripping pages is

And before you say “Oh BuT MAiGOl RippeD MicRoSoft 2001 HAaHAhaA” that’s not fucking ripping, ripping is downloading .html files and leaving links to web.archive everywhere like you do.


lol i cant just download windows update website

let him do whatever he wants… he don’t bother as much as Leo_Historias.

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Welp its 5 % done :stuck_out_tongue:

And it looks more to original:p


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why ? the website is still alive so why you need to so this ?

its because


then start from scratch

One thing that could be good,

  1. Learn CSS
  2. Try to make new things
  3. Stop ripping stuff
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Go to and learn html & css (and maybe just a little bit of JS) :wink:

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atleast i tried :stuck_out_tongue:

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:o Good job so far :smiley: !! (in case you did the thing yourself)

Now, just to be sure, screenshot the HTML and the CSS :slight_smile: and then we will believe you 100% (I already do 90%)

If I think a bit, I think he made it himself, i belive in him.

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unless he deleted every archive link and stuff