How can I make games for WLM?


I wanna make games for wlm like snake game, chess, minesweeper etc (not essentials)
But… If I make a game then how can i make it to be multiplayer? Which programming language need?
Thanks for the answers. Sorry for my bad english.


Well, hello! You can enter here to start your WLM activity development escapades:

If you want specifics on what you can use for developing games/activities for MSN/WLM, read this:


I read these. Thanks.


Your welcome. ^_^


Links are down :frowning:


yea they got removed



Does not work with this link. Or you can try it.


@OhHelloThereImTheGuy I found on the links :stuck_out_tongue:
I am just saving here the links :stuck_out_tongue:


Cheers now we can make some games


btw this topic is wtf without user-friendly description so i skip the game making.


what game you will make


nothing cause i cant understand this description lol


what´s your nacionality