How can I edit my proxy server to

I didn’t understand this. I downloaded MSN 7.5 and at “”, it says;
“Change to
Change to” but I didn’t understand how to do this. PLEASE HELP ME

This requires editing the executable files that make up the MSN Messenger program. If you don’t know how to do this, you should download the pre-patched versions, where the modifications have been done for you already.

You can also install any version you like and try this tool that I made here: Escargot Autopatcher. Install MSN Messenger and run the tool (make sure MSN Messenger is not running). It will automatically perform the modifications that are needed, searching for all versions of MSN installed and patching them as required. But please note, this application is experimental and may not work correctly or may malfunction, so please use it with care. It requires .net Framework 2.0. If you’re running Windows XP or older, double click on the version info between Exit and Patch to enable a checkbox, and tick that box before clicking Patch.

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