How about old trillian server?

It won’t log in, the old server is discontinued

if anyone can make a server for it, it would be awesome


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Welp u can somehow connect to escargot

I can get it to connect to escargot?

Yeah its a multi ims app

No lol it there is a “multi ims” version and a trillian IM app
^^ u can sign up or sign in from here

Trillan can connect to escargot means that you could connect with your account maybe lookk at the trillan in the registry and try patch it like msn messenger

Lemme try 1 sec

Nope doesnt work, i can edit the connections tho

Connections edit them then

edit it to what
it is currently on


Well, don’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe works

Yup doesnt work

Port :

I already changed the address for Escargot, it does not work.

Port 443