How about messenger reviver 2

Maybe we can make a new messenger reviver 2, so that we could use it!

If you don’t know, Microsoft shut down the MSN Messenger servers last year (around May), which is the reason why Messenger Reviver was discontinued. In fact, @TReKiE made a huge blog post about this on his MessengerGeek site, which I actually vividly remember reading a while after it was up.

So yeah, no point for a Messenger Reviver 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

But with replasing the MS server with escargots

If you’re just talking about patching MSN to work with Escargot, then that’s what @enhanox’s Escargot Autopatcher is for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Messenger Reviver did patch MSN Messenger, but to connect to @TReKiE’s MSNP server proxy (, I believe it was located at) instead of a completely different server, which filtered out the offending command that Microsoft’s actual servers would send that’d force people to upgrade to Skype (CVR), while letting you use your real Microsoft credentials to login. And later on, it would patch system files MSN/WLM utilized (e.g., wlidcli.dll for WLM 2012 was patched in order for it to connect to the proxy). So Messenger Reviver was more than a face. Else we wouldn’t have had Reviver, and be able to login on Microsoft’s MSN servers with no modification. :stuck_out_tongue:

escargot autopatcher dosent work for me,for some reason :S

It was made during Escargot’s early days (around the time it used pipeauth, I believe), so someone would have to create an updated one for it to connect to the current server infrastructure. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be up to the task, but, you know, I kind of suck at VB .NET/C#. :stuck_out_tongue:

aaa ok thats why it dosent work :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m saying that is it possable to make Messenger Reviver work but with Escargot servers?

It would, but Messenger Reviver was created for people to connect to the original Microsoft servers with the utilization of modifications to the program, rather than connect to a third-party server. Else it would’ve been something akin to Escargot Autopatcher. :stuck_out_tongue: