How about an old ooVoo server?

Hey guys! How about we can make a new server that fully works on older ooVoo versions that were released between 2007 and 2016? Here is how the ooVoo login screen looked like in one of its older versions, which is labeled as “”.

ooVoo Download Link:

Shall we make it?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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It looks like a knock-off of Windows Live Messenger to me.
(but with minor differences)

I know!

Do you just go on Wikipedia, search up “List of instant messaging services”, and pick the first one that’s labelled defunct to post on here as “Make a insert dead IM here server NÃO”?

Also ooVoo seems to be a lot like Skype, but with a different interface. So this doesn’t seem necessary right now.


I’ve checked and the first result that was labelled defunct/discontinued was AIM. OP must have picked one that had a “cool/weird” name, as what IM application is called “ooVoo”?

I understand that!

(sorry for bumping) but!
There wouldn’t be any point in reviving ooVoo, I used it for a while before it shut down and it was just a generic skype clone… nothing special


well, most of the current IMs are just generic snapchat/telegram/skype clones.

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