How about an ICQ frontend with Escargot?

Since the classic ICQ servers got shut down, I’ll tell you guys how about an ICQ frontend with Escargot? I’m saying this why? Because today is my birthday. :slight_smile:

  • Yes we will! (Yes) :smiley:
  • Umm… Maybe! (Maybe) :slight_smile:
  • Umm… Nevermind! (No) :frowning:

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We’re already considering ICQ as an Escargot frontend, but we plan to only support everything from 2000a to version 8 since versions beforehand used P2P for messaging only (remember that one of Escargot’s goals is to allow anyone to message people from any frontend, regardless of its featureset). Also there’s how to go about with UINs, as the user UINs start from 10,000 and can reach up to 232 (calculate that and see what you get), which is limiting in today’s mostly 64-bit world. That’s all I have to say.


well that’s still like 4.3 billion uins so unless everybody wants to make one then idk

Umm… OK!

Same here, my friend!

That will be nice. But why you planning support ICQ v6 protocol(ICQ 2000a)? Why you can’t support, for example, ICQ v5(ICQ 99b) protocol or something?

Anything before the v6 protocol only allows for P2P messaging, and Escargot’s goal is to intertwine all frontends so that they can communicate with each other. Since that is now the case, implementing the P2P-based ICQ protocol (pre-v6) would mean creating a walled garden in the process. This wasn’t entirely my decision, to be frank, and I thought implementing the super old protocols would’ve been fun, but goals are goals. :frowning:

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