How about a Windows Media Radio revival


So, it’s been a while since msft killed off Windows Media Radio Service (30 June 2016). Does anyone want it back. Or not?

  • Yes, I really want it back
  • No, it’s completely useless and there are more important things to do

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windows media radio was very good tbh


I never know it, only i have the Windows ME&2000media player with that radio function


Buddy, I think that is a very outrageous suggestion.

This has nothing to do with adjusting variables for it to work with Windows Media Player, but how would we get the radio function up and running? We would have to shill out dollars to implement a radio service onto this “revival” of this Windows Media Radio thing. Also, reviving something as simple as a radio service is pretty dumb. There are other radio streaming services out there.

Case in point, there is no need to revive Windows Media Radio, or any other radio streaming service, for that matter.