How about a old myspace server?


I miss the old my space wonder if you guys agree to bringing the old Myspace back or creating an unofficial server


myspace is a website , HOW WE WILL MAKE A SERVER ?


No make a site similar to myspace


friend project


We had, but that died out of nowhere.

The closest we have to the original MySpace now is


k thanks


to be honest, I’d rather have myspace back. facebook is off my computer and blocked forever. my browser is armed to block it to whatever it can.

I don’t care if it is a big hit as giant company. I am not going to be on the facebook website anymore.

anyway, my point is I’d rather have myspace than to have facebook.


Facebook is not safe?


people said CEO fixed his mess but I don’t trust that judgment. it still tracks people on other websites as a website plugin. that information about what we all do on other websites should be limited. also tracking what we do on computers should be put to 0 (zero). they’re intrusive.