Hotmail Revived: an e-mail service

Hotmail Revived is my newest project. It is an e-mail service.
And yes, we did it!
Thanks to 1% of my actual friends we tested this service and it worked pretty well.

Wanna have it?
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  • I want it
  • Nope, i don’t want it
  • Kill yourself

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(yes, i will use this method by now.)

Screenshot of page:


Interesting concept. :slight_smile:

If this is an email service from the ground up, I see that as unnecessary. I think it would be best if you were to manipulate the Outlook API (or whatever uses for auth/email stuff), since this IS Hotmail with an older skin. And maybe even structure things for it to work with MSN email notifications. :wink:

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Well, this is just the home page and i’m figuring it out how to add a theme, because THERE’S THE E-MAIL SERVICE but the e-mail inbox and things just don’t look like the old hotmail, unfortunately.

I need to figure it out

Well, in that case, you’d better be prepared to type up a lot of HTML and CSS and piece up graphical bits of the Windows Live UI via the Wayback Machine. :stuck_out_tongue:

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no regrets :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry for answering with “kill yourself”, i changed it

I was actually think of doing something similar - make a hotmail site, but have it be an online POP3 client
Good work, you two!


I clicked “kys” but it’s jk dud

Yellows did only the theme, i removed him since he says my projects are a total failure.

Here you are, my bois!


To register, please DM me here to @deathlife23 and put your desired e-mail and password as said in the sign up page.

Thank you :wink:

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oh my god!! this is so good!!!

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i can help you with design (my site:

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You’re kidding me, right? Asking people to give them a PASSWORD to you in order for their email account to be created…

I am currently unsure whether you have malicious intent or not, but that is some very questionable logic. That’s like giving a hacker your banking details to let him withdraw money from your bank account. The very least you can do is let them request a URL to a “create account” page that can only be accessed by them (via session ID/token) via email/PM. :confused:

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Or, just give us a temporary password that we can change later

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Yeah, that too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! great!

I am still developing the register page and unfortunately if i give a temporary password, they should login with that until i complete the register page or they ask to change the password.

Did i ask to put YOUR real password that you use everyday? I’m not, and please understand i’m the only one working on the website,.and me and @Maigol we are still working for the client.

I did not really mean that. Who would care what password someone gave to you. The point was that making people send a password (new/used) to you in order for an email account to be created is really just questionable logic. You’d then have access to their account wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted. I am not trying to criminalize you, I just wanted to understand why you thought it would be a good idea. :confused:

Or just give him hashlib.md5(‘yourpassword’).hexdigest() to put in the db manually

  1. That doesn’t sound necessary.
  2. The average joe doesn’t even have the slightest bit of knowledge in cryptography.
  3. MD5 is considered a weak hashing algorithm! So what’s next, “give him hashlib.pbkdf2_hmac('sha256', 'yourpassword', 'saltysaltlol', 24000, None) instead lol”? :unamused: