Hotmail is broke?

My mom have a important mail to send and we can’t log on on Outlook

Check your HOSTS file. This could be due to a local private Escargot server.

wow pf94 is fast doe

yeah doing the private server HOSTS thing usually fucks up microsoft services.

yeah its HOSTS i think

assuming you want to keep it for meowmsn, how about logining in on a vm or something to check your email

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yeah it now work thanks for the help x)

no problem :stuck_out_tongue:


This is why I put that warning about removing the entry when you’re not testing WLM 2009.

And also why you shouldn’t use WLM 2009 for any other purpose but testing at this stage.

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And also why trying to make your own local Escargot server just for wlm '09 is pointless because hype returned.

True. I’ve especially had a pet peeve with MeowMSN specifically because Alessio just expects the HOSTS stuff + the MSIs to work even though it’s only temporary and for debugging purposes, and it personally feels like a middle finger to the work I’ve put in for Escargot since it feels like he’s trying to stand out as the first one with a WLM 2009-ready server when it’s just the Escargot server without proper configuration. Besides, as I outlined in the contributing guide (which Alessio ignored for some reason) you can’t uninstall WLM 2009 with just the two MSIs alone through normal means and for the average user that’d be confusing. It’s better if people wait for the official release for a better experience overall.

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