Hmmmm.... *Interesting*

Today I see this files: Msncore.dll and ContactsUX.dll with error… maybe if change MSNCore and ContactsUX.dll, can make WLM '09 working… Because, MSNCore, is the core of MSN, so, you can change to fix the problem to a IP server, and, the ContactsUX.dll, the modification of MSN 8.1 thing!

" Modify to "

HHHmmmm. Looks like we need to discover things to finally make MSN 2009 working huh?
Ok, this is the link: msncore.dll (986.4 KB) contactsUX.dll (338.4 KB)

If someone found a 2009 version of this, give a download, but, maybe this version is avaliable to a version of MSN 2009

Even if you would get WLM 2009 to contact Escargot’s servers, it wouldn’t work because protocols are different and Escargot doesn’t support the protocol 2009 uses yet.

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oh. But if he makes 2009 uses protocol maybe should work then… Dunno