hi. my name is jordan, and i use she/her pronouns now

i know most people know this (because the majority of active people here are in the MG discord, which I posted about this in once), but I still feel like I should bring this up here in case people didn’t know.


I knewed it since you said that on your MessengerGeekia article, i don’t recall calling you with “he” or “him”.

I shall respect your pronouns, kind sir.

Is there like a reason on why you use she instead of he?

gender dysphoria + makes me more comfortable

well, your profile says you’re autistic, and i’ve heard autistic males are more likely to prefer being female, look how chrischan turned up into, a lesbian trans-woman.


Hey @appledoo I too am trans and I also use she/her pronouns. Feel free to add me on messenger :slight_smile:


should i delete it or something


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please do.

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triple withdrawn replies

very rare

i was gonna originally come out but i think it’s not really the time anymore lol

I’m not afraid to tell the world, I have nothing to hide.