Heyo uh i got a problem with stuffplug

my anti-virus (avast) is detecting stuffplug as a virus, what do i do?

its a false positive, also bruh avast


omg ur uzin avast?! avast is my childhood av!!!

What I was always do with any questionable executable is to send it to www.virustotal.com. You can almost always figure out pretty quickly if the alert is legitimate by looking at the number of positive detections and what each engine detects it as.

Plus there are community ratings and comments too for every file.


alright and after figuring out that it was a false positive, i think i just switched to norton

Avast! itself is already malware.


Norton? just use malwarebytes.
TBH fuck it, anti-virus isn’t even needed if you have windows 10, windows defender is good now.

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this was just a test thread to see ya’ll fellings of Avast!, it seems like alot of you hate it

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Using the paid version of Avast for many years, love it!

Norton kept slowing down my pc and McAfee was the worst one.

Keep using avast! alot of people get really based, you do you!