Hey, never used the Escargot service, but whats going on with my account?

Problem description:
The account still exists, but I cannot send a reset password link to my email.
Error code/error message:
Forgot Password: “Cannot send email”
What has been tried so far:
Trying some passwords
Messenger version:
WLM 2009
Windows version:
probs you know my windows version (for people who don’t know, its 10)

More info, by “never used the Escargot Service”, I meant in a long time.

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I was confused by that too :slight_smile:

I don’t have a solution, but this seems to be a problem with more than your account. See this from yesterday:

But I suppose you could make up a new test account for now until it gets fixed.

looks like 2009 is broken xD
I’ll try WLM 2008.

I am having a simmilar problem with passwords but with mercury messeger on my phone, did the server update break support?

No longer works with the Escargot server, sorry.

2009 isn’t broken.

Ok ok, I think my account got deleted or somethin, because I do not know why escargot can’t send a email. I am using a temporary account until I get the zheng20161etan@outlook.com account back.

Temporary account: picelboi@escargot.com

oh, wonder what part of the 2009 update killed it. well i atleast have my laptop to chat with.