Hey i found a skin archive with way over more then 100 skins, found this



compatible with msn Messenger 7.5 ?




share that archive!


ok , Works with 6.2 to right ? iam using it


i like very much this yahoo theme


don’t ask me, It will depend on the theme. and, i think (I THINK) it only works w/ WLM


ok , i will test in msn Messenger 6.2 and i will tell you the result


these skins range from wlm 8.5 to 2011.


Then upload them! Would be nice for all of us to have these skins :smiley:


ill upload it as soon as 2009 gets released


I can’t wait 20 more years! >:v


its 400mb, including scripts and plugins.


skins top at 415mb.


i don’t care. just make a torrent, or idk, i want it



i found this by myself eventually by trying to find a skin i was wanting…