Hey Charter Spectrum, FUCK YOU

Charter Spectrum can suck meh dick.
BTW enjoy my browser window.

My ISP does not care because in the country I live in does not care about piracy in some ways. But if you pirate music or movies it gets pissed off.

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I know it costs money, but for your safety, consider a good VPN service to hide your traffic’s content from your ISP.

how to kill specturm

I’m surprised that ISPs are still using this injection-into-http web sites technique for messages. I think a lot of people could easily stay on https sites (where they can’t inject anything) without even knowing it and never see the message.

The last time I got one of these, it came by email and listed a file I hadn’t actually downloaded. So I wouldn’t worry too much, cable companies are far too highly profitable businesses and they can’t make that money unless you’re a customer, especially if it’s not even accurate. They’re just legally mandated that they “pass on” the message.

Nice to see zombo.com there :stuck_out_tongue:


oh my god i forgot about that site lol

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I used to torrent anime like much and my ISP never did anything to me.

I torrented Call of duty, big difference.

i dont really pirate stuff but my sis always download a fuckton of movies/series everyday

but yeah my isp dont care for some reason