Hey! Been a while, I have a few questions

I have no idea which category to put this in, so forgive me if I shouldn’t put this post in this category.

I left the community a while ago in order to explore some other things, since I moved on from MSN Messenger servers.

I’ve only made a semi-comeback, and I have a few questions.

Where did the board that used to say what messenger clients were being used go? (The image is what I am referring to.) I found it, the new website UI confused me for a second.

Will AIM be supported since escargot is a multi-messenger platform now?

Finally, are there any good methods to making an MSN Messenger server without the user having to change the hosts file? I’m beginning work on a private project of mine which aims to bring back the feel of being on the internet in the mid-2000’s, and most of my friends have Microsoft accounts attached to their PC, I don’t want them getting locked out of their PC!

it is planned.

escargot switcher introduced an option to change the server to connect to in the .ini file for it

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you’re welcome

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That’s the right category, so you don’t have to worry

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