Here's something

We can give feedback about this forum and even Trekie doesn’t let us because he’s being defensive jsut because we’re complaining. I and you guys can feel free to say something about this forum even though this is a wasteland. We can improve it.

  1. We need more mods
    2.Trekie has stop being a asshole by deleting topics
    3.Bring back old accounts

If trekie delets all topics then simply pack your things and go away from MG

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Well, we need to pick who can be a mod for this forum. Or say make a poll.


Welll yes you have point

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This forum will save something else?

No one knows like really we don’t know

I hope everything will work out (BUT WHY AM I DAMN NOT SURE AT ALL)

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Let’s hope so.


Yeah. Hope so this will be fixed.

And see that heres the proof from Xp go to the link and find out

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I’m gonna stay here just for the drama.

Find out tomorrow another drama show for TOMORROW

what? omg it’s not end…

Do you want to explain how you can have mods but not delete topics? That’s literally part of the job.

But it’s not literallly deleting topics for yourself you need to check-it with your staff

first time i see how trekie angry is…
i understand him. last time there was a conflicts on kid’s level and a lot of shitposting, even me was ashamed