Here's how to get animated avatars and new winks ! :D ( Msn 7.0/7.5/8.x )

Go to this website to have animated avatars and new winks: D It’s easy to install! (Website is in French only)

  • You must uninstall Messenger Plus if installed.
    (you can reinstall it after installing the avatars and winks)

1- Go to:…

2- download the software by clicking on ‘’ mcoinstall.exe ‘’ and
install it.

3- Then you download and install each animated avatars one by one from the website in section ‘’ Galerie des Muggins ‘’! (if you want all of them ofcourse) ^^

----- FOR WINKS -----

1- Simply go to ‘’ Winks msn ‘’ on the top left, or go to: Extrannuaire - Trouver les bonnes coordonnées

2- download each winks one by one by clicking on the images and install all of them them. ( if you want ofcourse )

** ENJOY !** :smiley:


you just spoiled how to install the packs.
and i am yellows111, thats not nice.

also don’t uninstall plus, if you have Polygamy, log in using the new window that appeared, this is called Install Mode, if you don’t have Polygamy, open MSN Messenger in (UAC)/Admin mode, if there is no Plus! option, try logging in and install, if you get a runtime error, try closing all Messenger Sessions, then open a pack, you should get the “login to Messenger Dialog box (you get this using all ways)”, do NOT click the OK button on the Runtime Error, it will close MSN if idle, instead login first by pressing “Sign In” then if you have to logi, after, try installing a pack, if it works then you happy, and done. Go look for more packs :slight_smile:

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also, extrannuaire’s installs seem to be not perm, if this seems to be the case, get 7-Zip, open (number).exe then find (the same number as the exe).mco, nothing else, drag it to a folder what you never use.
PS: if you have mct packs, It is normally just the standard MCO/MCT/MCAB format, also if these files are not in a folder what you will never touch, please move them, as soon as you move that folder or move the Messenger Content files in a Sub-Directory, Messenger does not know it’s been moved, so content that needs to be in the folder that Messenger thinks it is, but does not exist, will be deleted in Messenger

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Clins d'oeil ou winks msn here is archive from winks and avatars Avatars animés (ou muggins) gratuits pour msn

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