Helpful Microsoft Resources (Massive Library of Microsoft Software and Tools)


Hey everyone,
A mate of mine (absolute legend btw) has uploaded 2.7TB’s worth of programs and systems from the MSDN place, where you can download everything without having to pay the $1K subscription fee.

There may be some resources in there useful for developing and updating Escargot and everything, as it literally provides tons of programs, virtualization software, operating systems and more in regards of development and home use.

The link is:

All credit goes to my mate, his Discord is #9529 if you want to message him about anything.
He also has a every single MS-DOS version uploaded onto Google Drive, and every single Windows OS from 1.0 to ME on Google Drive as well.

All credit goes to him, and I hope this is useful for future endeavors on the Escargot project and all MSN Messenger related stuff!

P.S. If you could reply and let me know if this was at all useful that would be great!




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Indeed! I have been here for a while, just don’t post as much. I like to go with the flow and help out when I can :slight_smile:


I’m a active user of MessengerGeek and MSN Messenger :smile:


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Wow, this is amazing! I actually needed some of the software from here! Thank you! :slight_smile:


Cool, without needing of pay, this is really needed


Awesome! Thank you so much! I got a hold of VB 6 on his site!