Help with my PS2

I have a Playstation 2 that it’s not working, i think the problem is on cd reader or in cd Spinner.


Someone can help me?

Boy, I recommend to you to just use PCSX2, or ask for other person than me this time.(seriously, it has been a long time while I didn’t use a single PS2, but I’m thinking to buy a PS Classic)

And Sorry for the background sounds
I’ll upload Spinner vid later

AFAIK his computer is an Pentium 4, so it won’t be able to run PCSX2


Oh, ok

could try to get a memory card with opl pre-loaded


I searching for one, but i can’t buy It for now

T-O-O B-A-D. Yeah, thats not cool or good or… Whatever.

I’ll take It to a technic, and see what will happen

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This is very saddening to see, Hope’s to hooking up your memory to an Emulator! If your PC can run that amount of power…

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i never really played on a ps2 before, but at the beginning on how the disc reader slowly goes forward and then swiftly goes back kinda maybe the problem.


it’s because of the disc reader cover it’s opened and i have to keep pression in a trigger closer of disc spinner, and i stoped pressioning when the vídeo starts.


I’ll do what Megadeth Said:

just make sure you set up the flash drive properly if you do get one


I already have a game on my PC is Gran turismo 4

same. i have to sell my ps2 slim

OK, Jet64, you bumped

me: buh bye