Help! Windows live messenger 2011

Does anyone know how to delete a album you have shared from skydrive and posted on social Messenger???

I just want to know so that i know i am not hacked

probaly this wlm profile no longer exist

From what I can understand, that’s the WLM Album Viewer. Since the photos were shared onto what’s now known as OneDrive, and “Social Messenger” (maybe Windows Live Web Messenger) is dead I guess, just go to and delete the photos from there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to know if someone remembers the old 2011 windows live messenger when you were sharing a album with your friends on social meseenger how you were deleting it because when i was looking at my profile i saw nothing so i guess a hacker didnt shared any album with mt friends. It happened to me 2011 and i still think if i havw been hacked. I am just worrying. If yoy remember i would be so happy!

sorry , i never used that feature in wlm 2012 so i dont know

Wait i will send you a photo so you understand

Via WLM?

If that’s the case, then Microsoft pulled the permanent plug on that 2 years ago.

I just want to know if you remembered if i could hide for example this post from myself so i could not see it.


Ow so thats great!

Oh! Now I understand.

Messenger Social was a part of WLM, which Microsoft officially discontinued by the time WLM itself was discontinued. So the feeds are gone by now.

Still, if you want to delete the albums themselves:

Yes social messenger was a part. And on this picture i sended you, do you remember if it was possible to hide for example if it was writing " you have shared a photo album from skydrive" on your profile, just like it is on the photo i sended you. If it was not possible to hide it from you then i know th hackers didnt hide it on my profile.

Was it some options here to hide it from yourself??? "On the red circle. If not, then i know the hacker didnt hide it from me