Help Please

Why can’t i log-into MSN messenger? what does this mean?

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You’re on Windows 10 right? Why not try WLM 8.5?

Thanks do older versions not work on 10?

I think all versions work. But if you have Windows 7 and above, use WLM 8.5

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Okay got it thanks.

I just tried it it seems extremely buggy and it crashed on me.

you must install a patched version because that error means you installed an unpatched version or you didnt patch it properly

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i dont recommend wlm 8.5, because of its unstablness, use 7.5 if you want it stable

all versions should work on 10 from my testing

I use 8.5, and it’s working fine :confused:

Thanks i will keep this in mind.

Did you install the patched one?

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I got it to work now but it is still buggy and has problems.

What problems?

I am using the patched version of 7.5 on Windows 10. Works fine, no errors encountered at this time.

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