Help! My keyboard is going like this... ++++++++

Yes this doesn’t seem to help with anything, but for some reason my keyboard, unknowingly,images this (+) every time the driver has been started or into a modified state (reset, wake, sleep etc), and, because of that, I can’t actually make my computer into sleep mode because by pressing anything on the keyboard, I can wake up the computer from the Sleep state.

Do anybody knows anything to be able to solve it?

Restart your PC or reinstall.

I had issues on my old ASUS (not working driver when restart) and I restarted and then worked.

If does not work, driver maybe damaged. Reinstall Windows. What’s your device ID of keyboard? I can search a driver for you.

HID\VID_0E8F&PID_0022&MI_00\7&243149a1&0&0000 device configured.

Driver name: keyboard.inf
Class Guide: {4d36e96b-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
Driver Data: 06/21/2006
Driver Version: 10.0.19041.1
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Section: HID_Keyboard_Inst.NT
Driver Classification: 0xFF1003
Unrated Drivers: input.inf:HID_DEVICE:00FF1005
Device updated: false
Parent Device: USB\VID_0E8F&PID_0022&MI_00\6&2d0e4d46&0&0000

I couldn’t find a driver. Reinstall or reboot.

why is there a spam

I think spam is two diffirent:
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Have you spilled or ate anything around the keyboard or computer? If you spilled something, you will need to purchase a new keyboard. If you’ve eaten something, just try cleaning under the keys. Crumbs may be causing a jam or something

Have you attempted any operation on the keyboard in the past? (Such as dismantling), if so, you may have damaged the keyboard, and a replacement is needed.

Have you slammed the keyboard in anger? You may have damaged it.

Age and use can also be a factor. All hardware can develop faults overtime.

Can you recall any actions you did before it started?

(Just realised you mentioned drivers. Has it always done this?)

Check your regedit for scancode map, if you have this delete the key and reboot, here’s the registry key, like this:

I’ve just got to clean the keyboard to fix the C problem I’ve talked abotu 3 years ago. As of the + problem, I remember it appeared the same day the C problem happened, so it’s not actually the thing… Btw I have many keyboards but this one I’m using it because it has proper ABNT2 layout instead of a mix between US and BR keyboards (which is the one that I would normally use more)

After cleaning the C problem, it just continued the issue
btw tried with more than 2 computers

do you remember what you were doing before this happened?

Maybe when I was using my keyboard and then substituted one of the keybinds… The Page Down is easy to press but I decided to keep it

it could be that. Try to disable the keybinds

I’m sorry, I have searched for Keybinds just to be sure but I have mistaken it as rubber dome

so is the issue fixed?

just started the pc and it seems like it continues to do so

Should I try it on a Linux LiveCD to check if the issue is also occuring?

good idea

how is tha-