Help me with power supply

my power supply died for unknown reasons. Since there is no replacement you have to buy. I want to buy Aerocool kcas 600w long term. a good option?


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Long term is difficult to say on any power supply, as even high-end units can fail in a few years if you’re unlucky (although they usually have long warranties which cover that).

For longevity, the standard advice is to look for PSUs which have Japanese capacitors, and this Aerocool does not. However, I’ve installed plenty with non-Japanese caps, and the PSU has outlived the lifetime of the machine. Customer reviews are usually enough to determine if the particular model has been problematic or not, I didn’t immediately see anything bad about the this one.

Other than that, you can check if 600W is enough with a calculator, make sure it has all the connectors you need, and that it will fit in the PSU area of your case.


ok, thanks for help

I used kcas with a bronze certificate for half a year until it burned out. Now I want to take with a gold certificate

KCAS PSUs are really great, Can’t go wrong with one, Specially with 80plus PSUs.
Def go for it.

Get a stabilizer btw, 80Plus PSUs dont burn out of thin air

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