Help me! I have problems to enter to the server!

When I trying to enter to the server, it gives me unknown error. Any reasons of that?

you likely got banned on another account and the only option to enter is to get a vpn or go to some place and make a new account there

You got banned like me and my friend Alex, welcome to the club pal. :stuck_out_tongue:

the only way to enter now is to go to some public wifi place and make an account there with your phone or pc
or use a vpn and do it

What’s your Discord username? I’ll check if you’re banned.

new account + vpn is enough to get around of ban. discord checks for your ip only when you’re joining the server and after this you can peacefully disable the vpn, idk why this does still work

that’s one way i reentered inside a discord server that somehow i got banned and idk why

i still have ban of flytech server bc i trolled someone by screenshoting his “cock waffle” message every time he changes pfp and/or name