Help me! I can't run the Messenger RPC!

I can’t run the Messenger Discord Rich Presence! What should i do?

What kind of error do you get when running it? Also what OS are you running it on and what architecture type is your system?

The error is This application cannot be run on your PC - To find a version for your PC, consult the software vendor. The os that i’m running is Windows 10, and the architecture type is x86 (32 bit)

Oh yeah, the RPC is compiled in 64 bit, so try to get a computer with 64 bit architecture

Sadly, it’s x64 only and it’ll probably stay that way for a long time. I remember why the developer decided on that and the reasoning was stupid, which was pretty much “32-bit is obsolete”. There was only one other case of this sort of issue OP experienced documented on here and everyone had sided with the developer’s stance on supporting x86 so this wasn’t really considered an issue at the time (sadly). Since the program’s .NET it’s possible to decompile it and compile it for x86 along with supplying the appropriate version of the libraries used, but that’d come with its own slew of issues. So the only real solution would be for someone to make their own Messenger RPC program that does support both x86 and x64.

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