Help me fix this issue


i am trying to install msn messenger but it will not let me it says something about msgrapp.dll and it having not access


was gonna say “no point on xp if WLM”, but your using MSN Messenger, i don’t understand… i think thats German?


its swedish it translates to something like it has no sufficient access or the file did not exist


most likely Access Denied, have you checked for a file with the same name in the install location/folder?


where would this folder be?


maybe C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\


it doesnt exist i am installing msn messenger so it no exist


it should be made during a new install…


so i see while installing a new folder it says msn messenger and i see msgrapp.dll what do I do now


Try to install a different version.


restarted my pc and tried to install and it worked