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Hello I just installed, Messenger in Windows xp 64 bits and I can not in any way login because it tells me that windows live id does not exist, However probe changing the password but still giving the same error
/Hola, acabo de instalar Messenger en Windows XP 64 bits y no puedo iniciar sesión de ninguna manera porque me dice que Windows Live ID no existe. Sin embargo, la sonda cambia la contraseña pero sigue dando el mismo error.

Error code/error message:

What has been tried so far:

Messenger version:

Windows version:

WLM 8.x don’t work with Windows XP. Try MSN 7.5 or previous versions.

Thanks you, But now I get this error after the program stops responding

and now again tell me that my username or password is incorrect

its nomal try login again and again

it does not work

Thank you very much, it works normally

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You’re welcome :grinning:

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