Help in making Telegram account

on a previous thread (it got deleted) i said “welp, i am gonna create another Telegram account”

but i can’t create a account for some reason, it isn’t accepting the numbers

i did try even my parents one, EVEN PUBLIC ones, nothing

@everyone (haha, that doesn’t work)

maybe you got IP banned

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no i didn’t, i did change my ip (via CMD, saw it on a random how to bypass ban on MC)

I think 1 account’s enough. :confused:

i did 2 already, deleted both, cuz of toxic community, one more time and i GIVE UP

how about using another chat platform, however just a quick note, if you use wechat, you’ll be monitored by the chinese govurment

well, i wanna join MessengerGeekia telegram chat

if you join the geekia telegram, well, xpuser is there.

still, you made it, so you have your rules, there is a “don’t be toxic” and a “no NSFW” rule?

pedrox, don’t bother with it.


rant rant war war

is not a good idea

nevermind, i got the account created on my dad’s phone, Telegram Web was broken

but could someone give me a Telegram Desktop version that works on Vista?

@veselcraft @anon94 @TLWXPUser

Forget it, i’ve made an Telegram Web-based app that works on Vista and XP

the latest official telegram still supports xp and vista :stuck_out_tongue:

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when i open it it doesn’t open
this also appens with some other apps

that’s an issue with your configuration :stuck_out_tongue:

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